Select Sansone Nissan as your “Nissan car dealership near me” and you’ll have countless resources at your disposal. Today, the professional Nissan financing team has some tips to make the financing process go smoothly for you when you’re ready to purchase your next Nissan vehicle with us. 

Tip #1: Be upfront about your credit history and any extenuating circumstances. There are some car buying myths about withholding information about trades, credit problems, and methods of payment when you’re negotiating vehicle prices. However, what will benefit both you and the sales team most is honest and clear communication. 

Tip #2: Make your own budget before applying for financing. When you apply for financing, if you have great credit, you might be offered a large car loan with low interest. However, this doesn’t fully take into account your other monthly bills plus car insurance, gas, and other related costs. If you crunch the numbers first, you won’t be tempted to get in over your head with a monthly payment outside of your budget.

Tip #3: Stay up to date on current specials at our dealership. You can learn more on our website or simply stop by and inquire about our current lease and sale specials. Our Nissan auto financing team can keep you up to date.

Tip #4: Put forth the biggest down payment you can. Even if a down payment is not required because you have good credit, making one can either lower your monthly payment or help you pay off your car sooner. It’s a win-win situation if you put at least 20% down.