For those in the Avenel, Staten Island, and Woodbridge areas, we are your Nissan service center near me. This holiday season, let us help you determine if you’re due for new tires. And if you are, you can utilize our wide selection of tires, along with our speed and seasonal recommendations, to make an informed choice.

What’s in a tread? A lot, actually! The safety of your vehicle literally rests on your tires. Tire treads can vary based on brand, type, speed rating, model, and more. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that your tires have a decent tread. If they’re bald or lacking a deep tread, you’re not going to get as much traction on the road – especially during the ice, snow, and rain this winter.

Proper inflation is also paramount to tire safety. You should always follow tire and car manufacturer recommendations for tire pressure levels. Furthermore, you should always have a spare tire on hand just in case there’s a flat or other tire emergency. But don’t drive on a spare for an extended period! Spares are meant for short term use at low speeds only. We will happily recommend a replacement for your single tire or whole set as needed.

Our Nissan auto tire center is here to help. You can start by narrowing your options on our website and then by coming in to chat and get the tire replacement done. While it’s definitely a financial investment, tires are so important to safe driving that it’s a no brainer. And we do what we can to make all vehicle services affordable at Sansone Nissan, with rotating service and parts specials.