Attention new car buyers: Sansone Nissan is here to break down the financing process for you. The act of financing is simply paying for something in small amounts over a longer period of time. Essentially, it’s like a home loan, furniture financing, or a payment plan you would get for any other large purchase. This is particularly helpful for new car buyers or anyone who is looking to make the most out of their budget. 

The first step to financing is filling out our Nissan auto financing application online. This will provide us with your personal income and credit information to determine what you qualify for. If you have a long credit history of making timely payments on bills, credit cards, and other loans, you’ll get better financing terms for your vehicle. 

After you’re approved for financing, you’ll learn the lowest interest rate you can get, what (if any) down payment is required, as well as how long of a loan length you qualify for. And, of course, you’re welcome to inquire about our current financing specials where you may qualify for financing as low as 0%. 

Then you can use our Nissan car payment calculator to crunch the numbers and determine the amount you’d need to pay monthly for any given car in our new or pre-owned Nissan inventory. With your budget and financing qualifications in mind, you can pick out your new car. Take a test drive, stew on it for a bit, and we are certain you’ll be ready to make the move on your next new vehicle. All in all, the most time consuming part is just signing the papers. 

We welcome you to call or visit our Nissan dealership in Avenel, NJ anytime to learn more or ask questions.