As your Avenel, NJ Nissan car dealership, we feel it’s our responsibility to keep our customers up to date on Nissan news and helpful service reminders. Fall is almost here, and we have a feeling you probably haven’t received those necessary tire services in a while. You might be due right now for routine tire care or even a completely new set, so don’t delay!

You should have your tires rotated by the professionals two to three times per year, and it never hurts to get an alignment check to ensure your wheels are properly in place. Improper alignment or uneven tire wear can cause your tires to have a much shorter life, and we want to help you get the most out of them. We are also here to check your tires for proper inflation and check your brakes for uneven wear. 

In our Sansone Nissan service center, we have an array of new tire options. We have tires specifically for those New Jersey winters, but we also have all-speed, specialty performance, and more. If efficiency is a concern for you, or you’re wanting tires suitable for many different terrains, we can help you out with that as well. 

In the event that you get a flat tire, you can pop on the spare and come to us. If we can’t repair the damaged tire, we can do our best to suggest a comparable replacement. Buying tires can be costly, but driving on damaged or bald tires is simply not worth the safety risk.

You may even qualify for our 60-day interest-free service financing. Please call or visit us in person to learn more. We will help with all of your tire concerns and get you on your way today!