The holidays are almost here and winter weather is rolling in. In order to stay safe and happy on all of your travels this holiday season, your car will likely need a few tune-ups to prepare for the change in weather. We can help you with our Nissan service center near Woodbridge. 

Tires: Do you need new tires? Are your tires properly inflated? Have they been rotated recently? These are all topics you’re going to want to address before you have to drive in the snow. We have a variety of tires and can help you select a new set if need be, and we can check the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure they’re being taken care of as they need.

Fluids: Oil needs changed every few months or few thousand miles. Other fluids should be checked and topped off or changed as needed. This includes power steering fluid, coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, and others. Getting your fluids swapped this time of year ensures a disaster won’t interrupt your holiday plans, and your car will run more smoothly as the temperatures drop.

Wipers: We can hook you up with new windshield wipers or you can order them online. Either way, having fresh windshield wipers is a cheap and easy way to prepare for the rain, snow, and ice. Visibility is super important for safe driving, especially this time of year, and by the time you wish you had replaced them, it’ll already be too late.

We have all of the Nissan car parts you’ll need and the expertise to install them for you at our Nissan dealership in NJ. All you’ve got to do is call or go online to schedule an appointment and we will take care of you.